Couch Gorilla Squad EP

by The CG's

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Dalia Orona
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Dalia Orona You guys the shizzniits :) Favorite track: Shutdown In South Central.
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Proud of this one thanks everyone for everything hope you guys enjoy!


released August 23, 2015



all rights reserved


The CG's Nevada

We hale all the way from East Las Vegas. Established August 22nd, 2013. We strive to give the best possible show we can and give with just as much energy as we can give as well! We love playing music! So email us if your interested at for shows! ... more

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Track Name: I'm Disgusting
You don't want to fuck me because I'm a disgusting piece of shit.
Track Name: Chasing Chad (A Chode Story)
Chillen back vinyl on Hendrix there's no time for stressin' it!
I see a lot of potential in my friends just spread the love let it begin.
As far for me I'm just a life coach I see a problem I just get stoked.
Ready help out. Ready to dook it out!

I'm drowning my self in this bottle.
Shit tastes better every time I swallow,but then I look up and what do I see? All my awesome friends Chillen with me.

Wake up it's time to go heading out to the local punk rock show!
Make sure the pipe is packed, fuck all that drama crap
Fuck you and what you say we're gonna keep doing it the CG way
Doesn't matter when you talk your shit cause lets face it were not ignorant!
We're gonna go to shows and still have fun, we're gonna fuck up everyone. Play till our fingers bleed it's th whole reason why our good lord Satan made me!
Track Name: Punk is Dalia
This girl made me who I am today.
So I give thanks to my great companion who showed me the way!
She shows me not to be a bitch, stand up for myself and not give a shit!
She taught me i don't need no one not your shit, not your dumb, only your fun!
This is why I am who I am today. Besides my lovely mother, she showed me my punk ways. My first pit, yeah she showed me that shit. Ever since I count quit.
Punk is Dalia.
Track Name: Shutdown In South Central
They're running, they're running this town.
They got the black and white cars with the siren sounds.
They're hunting, they're hunting us down.
From show to show why are they always around.
Now let me tell you what I see smells like fucking heresy, cops come around just to shut down the Cg's
They tell me to pack up my bags and then I should just go, but why you treating me like some filthy criminal. You don't know what our shows. These shows are about.

It's about going out and having fun drinking every last drop of that rum being loud in the crowd cause you don't give two shits and being the one to start up the mosh pit. It's about feeling unity, cramming 200 people in a backyard for free. Cause we love playing shows and no we will not stop, hell yeah dude you better call your cops. We're the Cg's much love and respect but we got mosh pits that could break your guitar neck so why are you gonna do when we set it lose on you?

Sitting by the side of the road.
I'm lost i don't know where to go.
And society ain't helping always screaming and yelling.
We need to quit with disconnection and start a mass infection of love and affection.
You gotta quit with this shit.
It ain't helping and we're all sick of it.
Your just thinking about the gold not your pride it's all a yes of what your made up inside.
You want everything to go your way but I'm here and I got something different to say. Motherfucker I ain't here to play we'lol shred in your face all god damn day!
Track Name: The Fear
You can't control it, it controls your life.
Your paranoid it'll come behind you and stab you with its rusty knife.
That feeling we've all felt it overcomes at the worst times.
Making us feel like we just committed a crime.
Leavin us feeling frightened or scared. Left you to wonder should you even dare.
Once you've realized its just an emotion, you've just found the cure to your own evil potion.

Its silent and it kills
Its the shit that will make you ill
wanting you to stand still in light but don't put up with that bull shit stand up and take a fight!
Its fast and you know that it would love to take control
Indecision in the wake of its path
And Courage no where to be found the fear is here to last

Its spreading its spreading, out of control!!!!!!
Track Name: Tired Of Your Bullshit
Bitch and moan then complain.

Well it's completely fucking wrong. Just pass me the bong cause I think the drama it's on. It's such a strange phenomenon, you drag the drama on and on and I don't want to live like this. But you sit there you sit there so damn pissed cause lyrical content got me on your shit list, but excuse me if I don't give to fucks. Don't care about opinions from any of you side track punks.

Tired of your bullshit.

Well here's a fact better check the ID before you get behind that. Cute girl at the party, you've been sippin bottles of Bacardi. Now your situations fucked but your a human being you make mistakes you know what I mean atleast you know your boys got your back so come on homie let's sort threw that bull crap.

Tired of your bullshit.
We've been spreading love. You've been spreading hate. I don't want to sit here and fucking debate about this he said she said constantly changing story you don't even know it's so damn annoying. We've just been chilling you know what I mean, but you try to ruin every show I think it's jealousy. So check it out dude, don't throw a fit and practice your own instrument.

Life's to short for me to get angry.
Still I bet you get infested.
By Mosquitos, fleas and scabies.
Tired of your bullshit.

Bitch and moan then complain.