Can't Get Sober

by The CG's

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Chad and Miriam Burgess
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Chad and Miriam Burgess This is the labor of love of our son and his best friends. Pride can't even begin to describe how we feel for his accomplishment and the passion he has for his music.
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We Worked our buns of for this one hope you enjoy!


released July 25, 2014

Recorded at Camel Hump
Mixed and Mastered by John Brown and The CG's
All songs are written and played by The CG's



all rights reserved


The CG's Nevada

We hale all the way from East Las Vegas. Established August 22nd, 2013. We strive to give the best possible show we can and give with just as much energy as we can give as well! We love playing music! So email us if your interested at for shows! ... more

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Track Name: Smilin'
1. Smilin'
The only thing I know how to do is just keep smilin'
When the man is after you you just keep smilin'
Don't let anyone get you down you just keep smilin!
Don't let bad thoughts stick around you just keep smilin!!!!

Next time, times get shitty like this two cents and no place to piss!
Just grab a bottle of someone's jack or booze smash it over their head and steal their food!
Track Name: Check the Skamatics
2. Check the Skamatics
There is no room no room for error
There is not one there will be terror!
Check the skamatics!
It's all fucked up!
Check the skamatics!
Quick full my cup!
It's all fucked up!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Devil's Nectar
3. Devil's Nectar
Too much on the mind
I can't remember the last time
I busted a riff my fingers are stiff

Just kept playing while she danced
Just kept playing....

What could go wrong a little harmony and a bong
Oh it feels so right
Don't be so uptight
Just let your mind go
Forget about the bullshit
Just let fingers flow
Just doin it for the music
Track Name: Natas
4. Natas
Hail Satan!

He is my friend he buys me weed he is a good friend indeed

Hail Satan!

Buys me beer when I'm low on cash he even drives when I'm super trashed!
Track Name: No Ones Ever Beat Me at te Game of Drink
5. No One's Ever Beat Me at the Game of Drink
Is what I plan..
My talent!
Is puking in a garbage can
So let's get fucked up till we've had enough pack a bowl of bud and now I'm done
I got the spins.....
Bottoms up fucked up!
Bottoms up and now we're fucked up
Track Name: Toasted
6. Toasted
I'm toasted!!
Ha ha! Spark it up!

You've been working all day long
Come on kick of your shoes relax and hit that bong
Your strung out you know it's true come on buddy I'll pack a bowl for you

Im fuckin toasted!
I'm so high!
I'm fuckin toasted!
Can't even open my eyes

You've been stressing so damn much c'mon relax and pick up that guitar, show you how motivation, takea hit it's called elevation!

I'm toasted!

Ha ha spark it up!

Spark one up right now!
Track Name: Teabagged
7. Teabagged
You better chill out man I'm tellin you...
You better chill out man before you get


I warned you now you're gonna get

Track Name: Midnight
8. Midnight
Hangin around with nothing to do
Looking for something for me and you
A journey to pass the time
Let's take a ride!

Sitting in the car we're not goin far
Watching the lights let's take flight
It's a midnight drive

The lines stripe my mind a passage of time
Just embrace the speed
Feeling can't flead

We're at the end of our trip
Sailing in this land ship
Elevated cosmically we're flying just you and me

Going 55 gaze to the sky pull to the side stars catch my eye

It's a midnight drive

It's almost morning got me yawnin
Let's end the night on this flight

It's a midnight drive

Enjoy the ride....
Track Name: Socially Akward
Track Name: Mutiny
10. Mutiny
Off with there heads Off with there heads I can't believe what happened to you, You were so sweet and innocent to, But than you changed in a flash, You probably did it for the extra cash

so your not my friend, not my friend, not my friend, just a close enemy, not my friend, not my friend, not my friend just a close enemy Off with there heads You were my friend bit now your gone, Still can't believe you did me wrong, Manipulate me with your lies Just get out my fucking mind

Goodbye and good riddance I'm happy and I admit it

Just like my momma always said She taught me off with there heads My lullaby right before bed off with there heads!!!!
Track Name: Bi Polar
Track Name: Well that Escalated Quickly...
12. Well That Escalted Quickly
People like you
Give me a reason to hate
People like you give me the a reason to create hate!

People fighting each other quick to judge one another

I give love to all my brothers
Don't give a fuck what race or color
You look for hate with no reason no fact of love no fact of reason
You look for hate just to hate and because you now I have a reason to hate

People like you
Give me a reason to hate
People like you give me the a reason to create hate!

We stand for unity love respect if you give none then protect your neck.
Track Name: Space Invasion
14. Space Invasion
Grab your guns, board the windows

Oh fuck!
They're coming
Shoot his fucking head shoot his fuckin head!!!

They're gone for now
But they'll be back again...

What the fuck did I tell you!! They got chad!!! The got chad!!!!!!

It's one after another the slaughter continues

Oh shit they got squeeks too!!!!!!

They're gone they're all gone!
Track Name: Fucked Up World
15. Fucked Up World
Sitting by the road don't know where to go could go left or right I don't know whatever you think is right
Devise a master plan make me a real man

It's a fucked up world that you're forced to be apart of
It's a fucked up world so show them what your made of!