Forever Together (CG Side)

by The CG's

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This Split was recorded with love. Hope you love it and check out Anti-Vision's side @ AV + CG = <3


released March 13, 2015

All songs written by The CG's*
All songs preformed by The CG's

Engineered and Mixed by Cody Leavitt
Mastered by "Laser" Lavin @ Digital Insight studios
Produced by Cody Leavitt on his 8track

Cover art by Brendan Sellers (Anti-Vision) and Maus 138
Copyright ©2015 Werewolf Music

*except for "Scum", which was written by Anti-Vision



all rights reserved


The CG's Nevada

We hale all the way from East Las Vegas. Established August 22nd, 2013. We strive to give the best possible show we can and give with just as much energy as we can give as well! We love playing music! So email us if your interested at for shows! ... more

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Track Name: Doogits
Eroding your lungs
Might as well be
The Trigger of a Gun
You look like shit, smell like shit, talk shit
You are a piece of shit
Don't act like your cool, sitting in your depression pit

There's no excuse
To be a pussy

Just build a bridge
and get the fuck over it
I don't have time to listen to your bullshit
Track Name: I'm Here
I'm here to tell you what you CAN do not what you CAN'T do
I'm your friend ill stay till the end, I'm your friend so lets fuck shit up again!

Its Friday night and were not alone, aint no way were going home
Were goin' to the show tonight hopin someones got the marijuana pipe
We got some brews we got some boobs you know were gonna destroy that pit
With nothing to lose, I put on my shoes, and you know we don't give a shit
Track Name: Overwhelmed
I work everyday and there never is enough time to play
And then I go to school that place is so boring it constantly makes me drool
And those family obligations to uphold im starting to feel the pressure im going to overload
I feel a little bit overwhelmed

Chill out dude stop being such a spazz ill pick you up in my brand new trans am
We'll drive away with two fine mijas and smoke a bowl because weed can cure weed can cure
With the CG's no need for that stress just pull that energy right into your headset
Now your feeling good like you were on cocaine don't worry its just the SKITZO SKAPUNK IN YO BRAIN
Track Name: The F.E.A.R
Its silent and it kills
Its the shit that will make you ill
wanting you to stand still in light but don't put up with that bull shit stand up and take a fight!
Its fast and you know that it would love to take control
Indecision in the wake of its path
And Courage no where to be found the fear is here to last

Its spreading its spreading, out of control!!!!!!
Track Name: Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing
Got you squeelin'

Bend her over gets me off
Take control as I was a cop
Hard as iron as if I was a robot
Scoot over baby let papi get on top

I'm gonna cum!!!!!!!

(Your gf moaning)
Track Name: Don't Shit Where You Eat
Don't shit where you eat the public knows yet you repeat
The same shit happens everyday natural selection the human way
No plans for better?! only plans for worse..
What will you do when theres nothing left for you to hurt?

One day our 3rd eye will open
All we'll need then is some strong devotion.
Track Name: Scum
deep in the south
In the middle of the winter
It's getting a little old
While you Paint a racist picture
While you talk about freedom you oppress your own
Take pride in your country while your working from home
Fuck America
And the words you preach
Don't believe in what you say
I see the message that's beneath
While you talk about freedom you oppress your own
Take pride in your country while your working from home
I've been severely abused by the people that you hate
But I choose to look through
What the fuck your excuse
You don't have one
Your ignorant fucking scum
Take a fucking seat
And swallow your favorite gun!

Don't care about your white brigade
Close minded and ignorant
You shove it In My face
Don't want it
Will not stand for it
Your such a fuckin' pussy cuz you got no dick
Seig heil
You scream
Dying in the dirt fucking useless and weak
Kneel while
you please
Be a fucking man and die on your feet
America Home of the weak
Land of the free
Where we beat minorities
America home of the weak
Land of the free
Where we beat minorities

Fuck America
and the words you preach
Don't believe in what you say
I see the message underneath
While you talk about freedom
You oppress your own
Take pride in your country
While your working from home
Take a fucking seat
Nd swallow your favorite gun
Fucking scum!